AMD unveiled FidelityFX Super Resolution at Computex 2021

AMD has unveiled FidelityFX Super Resolution at Computex 2021 in Taipei to counter DLSS, NVIDIA’s popular image rescaling technology that relies on artificial intelligence to deliver the great image quality and vastly improve the performance of the software that supports it.

FidelityFX is not only AMD’s response to a DLSS that threatens to put NVIDIA but it will also be published as Open Source under the MIT license, will be standards-based, and will be under the umbrella of the GPUOpen initiative, which in 2016 was the beginning of the transformation of an AMD that until then was never very appreciated by Linux users.


FidelityFX is a technology that aims to make a multiplatform bet by covering Windows, Vulkan, DirectX 11, DirectX 12 and is even capable in theory of working on NVIDIA graphics, although at the moment nothing is known about its support for Linux.

AMD could be looking to repeat the play of FreeSync, technology with which it managed to consolidate the Adaptive-Sync standard against NVIDIA’s GSync.

The fact that FidelityFX is Open Source is good news, but still, it is not clear how it would be implemented in RADV, the Vulkan driver for Radeon supplied by default by most Linux distributions and that is unofficial. Despite this drawback, let’s hope that through AMDVLK, the official Vulkan driver and Open Source from AMD for Linux, things will be made easier for its implementation in RADV.

Via MuyLinux